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The first week of February is Children Mental Health Week!

and it’s all about expressing yourself.

Join HeadStart on the 2nd of February where you can get creative, have fun with others and express yourself through the art of fabric design. all you need to do is click on the picture below to sign up.

We’ll ensure a T shirt and fabric pens are posted out to you ahead of the workshop.

Remember, expressing yourself isn’t about being the best something, because being you is enough!




HeadStart Youth Panel Podcast – Our voices are not small: Back to school

Our youth Panel want to make sure that young people have a voice and are able to share their opinions and thoughts openly on relevant matters such as COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter.

Panellists are working together with others across Newham to create a series of podcasts that are relevant to young people in Newham.
This, the first in the series, focuses on Back to School after the lockdown. You will hear open and honest discussions, experiences and opinions directly from young people about what this tim ehas been like for them and others, as well as their thoughts on positive ways forward.

Take a listen here: