HeadStart Vision & Values

Our vision is that through committed collaboration with young people, their families, schools, and the community, Newham is recognised as a place that promotes, values and respects the dignity of all people and builds resilience in our vulnerable young people so they can be champions of their own emotional wellbeing.

To see our vision come to life, we will remain unwavering in our support of young people, their parents, their schools and their communities.

Our differences make us stronger.
We accept people for who they are and where they are. We proactively provide support and challenge to achieve more and to realise our vision.

Sticking with it no matter what.
To us, commitment means that even in the face of challenges we do not give up. Remaining committed to our vision strengthens the integrity of the HeadStart programme.

Transforming choices into actions.
We believe that through the work we do, we cultivate and strengthen young people’s will to endure, no matter what happens, with courage, confidence and patience empowering them to overcome the obstacles they face.

Understanding the journey we’re all on.
We believe empathy connects us to our common humanity, allows us to reflect on others’ experiences and moves us to seek social justice for the young people we work with.

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