Meet Gleb

For Gleb, joining HeadStart was the first page of a new chapter in becoming more confident

As a Year 7 student, Gleb’s high academic ability, good behaviour and positive attitude meant he didn’t immediately raise any concerns for teachers or staff at his school as he rarely drew attention to himself. Despite his outward good nature, he was struggling with his confidence and self esteem preventing him from engaging in the school community or taking up extra-curricular activities on offer at his school.

Gleb joined HeadStart Team Social Action on recommendation of his teacher as a way to build his confidence and resilience. Within weeks he became a HeadStart Champion at his school where he contributes to the development of the school Resilience and Wellbeing Strategy.

“HeadStart is an awesome opportunity for any young person who wants to get involved in different aspects that the programme has to offer.”

“I have been given lots of different opportunities and I am pretty glad that I joined.”

Through HeadStart and the support of his family, Gleb has found his voice in his school and his community. He joined the HeadStart Youth Panel and consistently attends the bi-weekly panel sessions with students from schools across Newham. Working alongside HeadStart’s Co-Production Lead, Gleb and his peers contribute to everything from the design of the new HeadStart website to planning annual events to informing the evaluation of the HeadStart programme.

“When Gleb joined Youth Panel he was very much an observer during sessions. Since those early days, he has grown exponentially in confidence; and is now a vocal and proactive member of the group. Gleb is no longer afraid to let his light shine and it’s a beautiful sight to see!” – Janine, HeadStart Co-Production Lead

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