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This week we asked 3 of our HeadStart Youth Practitioners to create a HeadStart avatar and tell us how they look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Check out what they had to say!

HeadStart Gallery

"Big R"
I'm Max and I'm a HeadStart Youth Practitioner. My avatar is called "BIG R" because he’s a Big Resilience Dude. In tough times, he makes sure to take time to take it easy and look after himself.

"Krafty Kyubii"
I'm Anna. I named my HeadStart avatar "Krafty Kyubii"! I'm a HeadStart Youth Practitioner and I really love using crafts to make my bad days better. I make junk journals with motivational quotes to make me happy!

"Wellbeing Wendy"
My name is Hiwot and I'm a HeadStart Youth Practitioner. Wellbeing Wendy is my avatar. She’s outgoing, fun and always looking out for her friends. But just like everyone she gets down sometimes. Exercising and skateboarding helps her find her groove again.

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