ME, today.


Sarah, the light during my darkness.

When you go through traumatic life experiences, especially from the people who are supposed to care about you, you don’t think you will be able to trust anyone again. I was that person, afraid to be happy, afraid to open up about life’s hurdles.

But then Sarah came into my life, not only as a youth practitioner, but for me; an angel in a mask. Somebody who saved me from letting my abuse define me.

Sarah made me feel as though I was worth living. In my suicide attempts I would remember Sarah and her words of wisdom and instead of trying to end my life I would reach out to her.

Sarah ensured that no matter what happens, the trauma I faced won’t come in the way of living my best life. Life as best as I can live it. Sarah is my hero because her ways of making me live this extremely difficult life isn’t anything big but actually, just by listening to me cry or making time for me to just rant, having hope that one day it will all get easier.

Sarah taught me a lesson unknowingly, she taught me to fight for what matters to you. Fight big and fight bold, don’t let anyone define your worth and with that emerged the ME, today.

ME, today – the world sees as passionate and dedicated.

People tend to describe me as the flower that grew without water but for me Sarah was the nourishment and care I needed to become this flower.

Sarah came into my life where I needed a guide to make me start living like “me now” and not like “me the abuse survivor” and for that she spent time trying to get in contact with my therapist and CAHMS, making sure they were doing what they were supposed to, to help me regain myself.

What is remarkable about Sarah is she is so selfless in what she does, not just for me but all the other young people she sees. Her ways of ensuring that we live life as best as we can is by believing in us. Sarah believed in me when the people related to me by blood didn’t.

Sarah is somebody who is my reason to continue living because she inspires me so much that words cannot be enough. She is always there for me on the other end of the phone. She emails me and leaves hopeful words at the end of it. Survivors become survivors when people like Sarah hold our hands (metaphorically) and tell us “you can do this”.

Life has never been as easy as it is since the legend, Sarah Reeves: HeadStart Co-Production Practitioner (Youth Worker) came along.

I could go on for ages about Sarah but something worth saying is I have only known her since November 2020, but the impact she has had on my life is so vital.

The ME, today, now aspires to be a clinical psychologist to help people, just how Sarah has helped me, and so many other young people.

(Story shared by one of our HeadStart Young People)

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