Maria’s Story

Maria joined the virtual Peer Parenting Group in September 2020, she told us that taking part in the parenting course has been a great help to her personally and her family as it has given her the knowledge and strategies to better understand her children and implement healthy boundaries.

“I feel that I have gained the confidence that I needed to be firm with my children when I need to, and to be empathic and understanding when they are struggling.
I learnt the importance of looking after myself, making sure I make time to rest when I need to, and to be kind to myself when I fall short of my expectations.”

Maria shared that she goes back to her notes as it was a lot to take in at the time and she doesn’t want to miss things.

“For starters, I share some of the things I have learnt with my family, so they are on board with the things I would like to implement”.

Starting with the issues Maria felt need addressing quickly and putting in to practice what I have learnt during the weeks; such as positive reinforcement, valuing my children and descriptive praise.

“I would highly recommend the Parenting Course to all parents, I found it incredibly valuable and I feel every parent should do it, regardless of whether or not they feel they are struggling, I have a child who is in the Autistic Spectrum and I joined the course thinking it would help me with his challenges.
… has really helped me to feel better equipped for the job. The facilitators who run the course were very supportive and non-judgemental, and made us feel comfortable at all times”.

A total of 56 parents competed a Being a Parent Group in Newham in 2020/21, during the terms of Summer, Autumn and Spring. If you would like to know more or get involved in our work with parents, please visit here.

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