HeadStart Youth Panel

HeadStart Youth Panel helps make sure that young people’s ideas and opinions are included in conversations, projects and events that impact their wellbeing, their lives and their futures.

The HeadStart Youth Panel was formed in 2016. Members meet fortnightly with the HeadStart Co-Production Lead to share their views on the development of the HeadStart programme and how it engages with and represents young people in Newham. Youth Panel members have opportunities to get involved behind-the-scenes of HeadStart and gain experience in teamwork, project management and leadership.

The role of a HeadStart Youth Panel member is to:

– Support the HeadStart vision to make Newham a place that promotes, values and respects the dignity of all people and builds resilience in vulnerable young people so they can be champions of their own emotional wellbeing.

– Share their views and opinions on issues that impact young people’s lives and represent HeadStart at local and national events.

– Get involved in the development, promotion and evaluation of the HeadStart programme in Newham and collaborate with young people in the other five partnership areas: Blackpool, Cornwall, Hull, Kent and Wolverhampton

To find out more about HeadStart Youth Panel, email HeadStart.ProgrammeTeam@newham.gov.uk