BounceBack Newham

Are you looking for fun ways to take care of your health, your body, and your mind?


We are delivering sessions on how to make the best of BounceBack in school (3 available dates).

We recognise that delivering BounceBack in-house means you have the opportunity to increase reach and the ages of the children you target.

We will be using the session to guide you through resources, share top tips, answer questions and offer expertise and support from practitioners who have a primary experience to build capacity within your own settings.

When: Tuesday 6th October 3:30 – 5pm / Thursday 8th October 2:00- 3:30pm / Tuesday 13th October 3:30-5pm.

Please see the poster below and you can sign up here.

HeadStart BounceBack is a fun way to learn tools and tricks to help you look after health, body and mind. Together with your friends, you’ll work through ten areas of wellbeing in your BounceBack workbook.

The BounceBack activities will help you find and try small changes you can make by yourself or with the help of others. BounceBack makes building resilience fun and you’ll feel proud as you begin to set goals and achieve them.

Check out a BounceBack video from one of our HeadStart schools to see for yourself!

BounceBack programmes happen in primary schools and are led by one of our fun, friendly HeadStart Youth Practitioners.

If you’re in Year 5 or 6, BounceBack can be a great way to get ready for secondary school, learn new skills and make new friends.

Find out if your school has a BounceBack programme you can join!

Want to try BounceBack at home?

No problem. You can find lots of the BounceBack activities, tools and tricks online to help you look after your mental health at home.

Visit BounceBack online here and start bouncing today!